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Fortune-tellingHave you always been interested in the importance of lines on your palms or on the palms of friends and relatives?PredictionsWith this application you can easily and quickly learn the basics of palmistry and find out what lies behind the lines on the palms.The application allows you to step-by-step study all the main lines considered in the palmistry, and understand their meaning.The first mention of palmistry refers to 2000 BC. e. gadaniePalmistry is a Greek word, translated as fortune telling or prediction. In the Middle Ages, palmistry was considered a science, and today interest in palmistry has not been extinguished. Each person has his own destiny, which is encrypted on the palm in the form of lines.The ability to read human destiny in the palm of your hand is just knowledge, experience and logical thinking, and not any otherworldly phenomena.Palmistry is a developing science, accessible to those who can think and analyze. Divination by hand does not require knowledge in medicine and any other sciences, so it can be done by everyone.