CZ-45 pistol explained

by Gerard Henrotin - HLebooks.com

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September 18, 2018



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Field stripping of the CZ-45- Withdrawal of the magazine- Unlocking of the barrel- Release of the slide-barrel assemblyAdvanced dismounting of the CZ-45 (1)- Dismounting of the extractor- Dismounting of the firing pin- Dismounting of the wrap-around grip plate- Dismounting of the side plateAdvanced dismounting of the CZ-45 (2)- Dismounting of the trigger- Detachment of the magazine safety- Dismounting of the hammerAdvanced dismounting of the CZ-45 (3)- Dismounting of the magazine catch- Dismounting of the ejector- Disassembling of the magazineReassembly tips- Reinstallation of the extractor and firing pin- Reinstallation of the magazine catch- Reinstallation of the hammer- Reinstallation of the trigger assembly- Reinstallation of the magazine safetyFunctioning of the CZ-45 (1)- Cycle of the cartridge chambering step by stepFunctioning of the CZ-45 (2)- General functioning of the trigger assembly- Functioning of the trigger mechanism in detailsFunctioning of the CZ-45 (3)- Release of the hammer and explosion of the cartridge- Mechanical arrangement of the trigger mechanism at the instant of firing- Trigger released and cocking notch re-engaged- Ejection of the spent cartridge shell- Hammer following the slide on its return in batterySafety of the CZ-45- The lack of classical safeties- Pistol safely carried with a cartridge chambered- No disconnecting device available- The magazine safety explainedAbout the CZ-36 pistol- Variations of the CZ-36 pistol- Internal mechanismEvolution of the CZ-45- Early CZ-45 pistol of "STRAKONICE" production- CZ-45 pistol of "Uhersky Brod" production- CZ-45 pistol of Model 70 series- Modification of some internal parts- The CZ-92