Thrill: chat book with short stories to read

by Huracan Apps LLC

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Adorable and horrifying. Intriguing and bizarre. Thrilling and romantic. Experience this all with our new chat stories app. It will keep you read amazing text stories all day long. Be the first to dive into a great collection of originally created short stories. You won’t be able to stop! Become the partaker of each texting story. Root for the characters. Tickle your nerves while reading scary chat stories. Dare to solve fantastic plot twists. Read heart-rending romantic stories. Discover great text stories for any mood - HORROR, ROMANCE, SCI FI and more. Tap the screen to reveal the upcoming line: all stories are written in a form of a chat, as if you are reading someone else’s chat conversations! Haven’t you ever wanted to spy on someone else’s messages and not feel guilty for it?Reading will become even more addictive with our new feature called “Choices”. YOU decide how the story unfolds. Immerse into mind-bending chat book with multiple endings and story plots. Make the choice between 2 text options and see what happens next! Will you choose a happy end? Or will you spice the chat story up? Will someone suffer? Or everyone will remain safe and sound? It’s up to you to decide. Make decisions for the characters and enjoy!Have a fancy for horror games? Great, we do as well. Why don’t you try something new? Read chat book with scary stories that will blow your mind! Feel yourself like more gentle nature and prefer romantic games only? Don’t worry, you will find plenty of episodes full of love and romance. Whether you are a fan of short stories or up for a long reading - you will appreciate this chat book. Enjoy our bite-sized stories on the go, while having some rest or before going to sleep - there will always be enough time for this. For late time owls we’ve developed a night mode reading - we do care about your comfort! Once again, KEY FEATURES of our app that you will definitely LOVE: - new chat stories released weekly- huge collection of text stories- offline reading mode- all stories are written by professional authors- comfy night mode reading to keep your eyes relaxed - different genres for all tastes: romantic stories, horror and creepy text , sci fi episodes and more- exciting plot in each storyGet the app now and start reading amazing interactive fiction nonstop.