Spellbook - Pathfinder

by Shaking Earth Digital, LLC

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March 3, 2012



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Spellbook serves as a quick way to look up spell descriptions during a gaming session. It includes all spells from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game core classes as well as classes from the Advanced Player's Guide, Ultimate Magic and Ultimate Combat source books. Here are some highlights from the app:● Multiple Spellbook support. Keep track of all your characters.● Store a custom list of your spells for quick access.● View spells by name or class and level.● Full support of Cleric Domains, Oracle Mysteries, and Patron Themes.● Keep notes with spells.● Quickly jump to referenced spells by clicking links in spell descriptions.● Easily search for spells from anywhere in the app. ● Tablet supportHappy Gaming!*PLEASE* use the link below to report issues or email suggestions. Including your device type and Android version always helps. I can not respond to comments, and they don't help me fix issues. #Dungeons Dragons RPG d20 D&D dnd Pathfinder PF