Quimidroid, chemistry PRO

by BF SmartCreative

Categoria: Education

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July 25, 2016



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Quimidroid is the first application in the Android devices market that enables you to formulate and name binary and ternary inorganic compounds. Its primary objective is to facilitate the learning of chemistry and become a teaching tool either individually or in schools as a tool for self-correction. It also aims to streamline and energize the formulation for professionals in various fields which is required such as medicine, the research or even anyone interested in amateur chemistry.Features:- Formulate inorganic compounds (Hydrides, Oxides, Peroxides, Binary Salts, Hydroxides, Oxoacids, Oxysalts).- Naming inorganic compounds.- Use of Stock and Systematic nomenclature recommended by IUPAC.- Calculator molecular masses.- Periodic Table with details of all the elements. - Available languages: English, Catalan, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese.- Installation in SD card.