Shot and Duel Timer Pro

by Carlos Dürschmidt

Categoria: Sports

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September 29, 2017



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Shot and Duel Timer Pro is a helper for your training in various sports pistol disciplines.After selecting the type of series (e.g. 300 seconds precision or 3 seconds duel), the app guides you through the steps (Load, Attention etc.).You can use your own ringtones for signalling. Just save them to the folder Notifications of your device to make them visible in the list in the app’s options menu.To start a run or move to the next step, just click the circle.For the disciplines "Rapid Fire Pistol", "Standard Pistol" and others, the following runs are present:Precision 300 seconds,Precision 150 seconds,Duel (5 x 3/7 seconds)20 seconds10 seconds,8 seconds;6 seconds,4 seconds1020 seconds.The app records the short series (4, 6, 8, 10 and 20 seconds and duel). This way, it can show you a timing diagram of your last series. Of course, this will give you valid results only if you don't interrupt the series. The countdown 1020 seconds (+60 seconds to load) is intended for smaller competitions with independent reloading. 1020 seconds give three times five minutes shooting time and twice a minute recharge time. If you do not want to provide additional reloading time, you can lower the time to 900 seconds in the app options.In addition to the various timers, you can save and transmit the results. The results will be sent not only in plain text, but also as a CSV file. This way they can be automatically transferred into an evaluation program.The app now also contains a special timing diagram for the duel series (5 x 3/7). It displays only the last 1.5 seconds of all five shots at once in different colors. As the new diagram is based on the time line, it has two limitations:- It will only give valid results if you don't interrupt the duel series.- It will only work if the option "Wait for end of ringtone" is not selected.If you want to use headphones, please check whether the system speaker is really muted. There is a known issue with many devices which do not mute the system speaker if you plug in headphones. If your device is affected, you can use a special app like SoundAbout to redirect MediaAudio and Notifications to your headset.Credits: Special thanks to Lem whose suggestions help me a lot to improve the app.