Quantum Holoforms

by Kai Ornai & The Phone App Company

Categoria: Art & Design

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September 13, 2017



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The Quantum Holoforms app is an amazing tool for getting back in touch with your heart. When you implement the Light Codes into your life, you will connect with your Heart and remove fear, doubt, guilt and any other negative traits or emotions that do not serve you from your life. You will dissipate past traumas and addictive tendencies, and you will break through the barriers that have been holding you back from achieving all you can in this lifetime.Use the app to find out when and where the next seminar is occurring, to view free videos, to sign up for our newsletter, or to buy Light Codes decks and to stay in touch with us- Watch Free Videos- Check Out The Calendar of Events- Newsletter Signup- Learn More About Kai and Ornai- Learn more about the Light Codes- Buy the Light Codes decks